As Birds Do. Freedom of movement & cultural work

Mi. 29.06.2022 // 19.00 Uhr

As Birds Do. About the freedom of movement & cultural work

For five years now, Iwalewahaus has cooperated with the association Zugvögel e.V. (migrating birds), a group of people devoted to creating freedom of movement in and through cultural work, disabling the privileges of the global north.

We talk about the political dimension of cultural work, challenges and achievement, the joy of working towards access together – and of course the vision and views of Paúl Bedon, who’s currently working with Iwalewahaus & the Zugvögel, which is a blessing in itself.

Join us for an evening of art & politics, with Paúl Bedon & the association Zugvögel e.V

Text: Katharina Fink


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