Welcome Honorine Irakoze!

We are happy to welcome Honorine IRAKOZE from Kigali, Rwanda, our 5th volunteer from the Zugvögel e.V., in cooperation with the Freundeskreis Iwalewahaus.

Born in Kigali -Rwanda, Honorine studied Software Development. After her studies, she joined her home youth cultural organization – Esperance (https://zugvoegel.org/en/esperance-2/) where she has been playing football. It is very uncommon for young rwandan girls to play fooftball, but Honorine grew up watching and liking soccer, which has become her hobby, besides reading and listening to music.

We are happy to have her at Iwalewahaus and look forward to a fruitful cultural exchange and exciting year together!

Ⓒ Honorine Irakoze

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