Welcome, Paúl Bedon!


The friends of Iwalewahaus welcome Paúl Bedon to Iwalewahaus –

such a pleasure to get to know one another & to have the chance to work together for a whole year!

Paúl is with Iwalewahaus thanks to the program of the Zugvögel e.V., an associations that enables travels for experience from different places –

Here’s some words from Paul:

“Hi, I’m Paúl.

I was born in Quito, Ecuador. I am currently promoting an organisation that seeks to work for a just, democratic and inclusive energy transition throughout Ecuador and Latin America. The energy transition is a multidisciplinary process that can be approached from different perspectives: cultural, technical, geographic, etc.  

I am always open to learn new things, I love working with multidisciplinary and multicultural groups. Now I am in Germany -in Bayreuth – doing my volunteer project in a place that invites you to discover life from a different perspective: Iwalewahaus. 

“Learning is the safest way to stay alive,

and probably the only way.” –

We couldn’t agree more! A warm welcome, dear Paúl, and thanks for spending time!


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