Not yet: Equal

Focus on women in the collection, not only at Iwalewahaus, but in Museums around the world, works by female artists comprise only a small share of major permanent collections. Women in the arts have been discriminated against for centuries. Major institutions, gatekeepers and tastemakers have typically failed to support the careers of female artists. In the case of female African artists finding these women, their work or their biographies to rectify past discrimination can be cumbersome and sometimes downright impossible.
Historical omissions have created a void that is hard to fill. What we see instead of a rich tapestry of art history is a “not yet” filled blank space. The few artists we do see are women, who persevered in the face of discrimination- the trailblazers, who broke barriers in their professional, as well as their personal lives.

Recently, Iwalewahaus is striving to eradicate the void, adding weight, and levelling the scale. We find new voices from the past and experience the next generation of vanguards, who not only carry on those voices, but amplify them and take them to the next level by adding voices of their own. This part of the exhibition highlights female artist and her accomplishments.


Date: 01.07.2021

Time: 7:45 PM


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