In conversation with Alexandra Makhlouf

Dis-Orientation and re-discovery: In Conversation with Alexandra Makhlouf

Thursday, July 2, 2020 at 7PM – 10 PM

Alexandra Makhlouf is an extraordinary artist of the line, translating invisible forms into precise presence. Her investment in drawing transcends her gradual blindness. In 2019, she presented both her master thesis on Re-Orientating the Mind’s Body, as well as her solo-show by the same name.

We welcome Alexandra Mahklouf as Artist in Residence in our project space in I to, where she will, in cooperation with Windsor Harper (colateralprojects, Sophiatown Arts Festival) and the team of BayFinK, develop the artistic application Art Eye.

Her residency is the first shared one between the Wits Centre for Diversity Studies and Iwalewahaus.

online, link will be provided.


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