Ndidi Dike (Nigeria) Artist in Residence im Iwalewahaus /2016

My art is structured on continuous experimenta-
tion, flexibility and malleability of new materials
(both familiar and unconventional). By imbibing
and breaking the perceived boundaries and rigidi-
ty of diverse mediums, I use unlikely combinations
to give new ideas, forms, structures, stylistic direc-
tions, meaning and purpose in my work.
I would name the Uli, Nsibidi and Ona painting
traditions from Nigeria. Uli is an art form most
ly practiced by women, a technique of traditional
painting on the body and on murals, used exclusi-
vely by the traditional Igbo women from Southeas-
tern Nigeria. They paint on houses, compound walls
and communal shrines in the village by using natu-
ral pigments.
Today the method has been preserved, appropriated
and reinvented in modern and contemporary art –
predominantly by male painters – through a cultu-
ral evolution transiting and referencing the past,
and reinventing its future using modern influence.

Magazin Spektrum

Universität Bayreuth


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