Beauté § Schönheit!

Visual artist, Yassine Balbzioui, whose work featured in the recent exhibiton “Aquitaine Afrique” at the Iwalewa-Haus, was invited as a visiting artist to conduct a workshop with children and youth in the context of the Iwalewa-Haus’ Outreach Programme in the course of “Intercultural Week 2012”, an initiative of the Federal State of Germany. His stay was funded via the governmental programme “Toleranz Fördern, Kompentenzen Stärken”. While in Bayreuth, he worked with children from the centre for asylum seekers in the context of Iwalewa Haus’ emerging “KinderKunstClub”. “Identity to rent” was the title and the guideline of the workshop. Facilitated by Balbzioui, children got to know and try art techniques such as painting, costume-making, and performance. Together, they curated an exhibition which was open to the public on 27 September 2012. The workshop met Iwalewa’s guiding lines of being a laboratory, not only for artist but also in the sense of outreach and accessibility. A particular encouragement in this context was the participation of the Bayreuth public: local bus company Viol sponsored the transportation of the children’s families to the vernissage and back. In the context of his stay as a guest, Yassine Balbzioui also gave public lectures about his artistic practice and discussed with staff, students and other interested guests. Balbzioui, a young prominent artist based in France and Morocco, challenges notions of migrancy and identity in his artistic practice.

Source:”Institut für AFRIKASTUDIEN”

On Friday,October 23rd,14 to 18 p.m, Freundskreis-Iwalewahaus has again invited Yassine to be part of the workshop” Beauté? Schönheit“;for children and adolescents from 12 years old.

Venue:Iwalewahaus, Wölfelstr. 2

Organiser: Freundeskreis Iwalewahaus e.V.

For further details,please visit our event page: ikw 2015.pdf 



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