Freundeskreis-Iwalewahaus: Promoting Volunteerism & Culture exchange

Hallo everyone!!!!!
I am Gloria IGABE from RWANDA, a land of thousand hills, located in Eastern part of Africa. From Rwanda to Germany,I would say that I am a real ZUGVÖGEL( a flying Bird)!!

It is a great pleasure to work with Freundeskreis Iwalewahaus, as a volunteer of Zugvögel interkultureller Süd-Nord-Austausch e.V.” organization ,during one year!
With a smile on my face, positive frame of mind and eagerness to work, good company and friendly workmates from Iwalewahaus, all together will bring a great contribution to the project.
One thing that really amazed me is how great Freundeskreis organise everything concerning art and culture exchange in general!!( is another way of making this world of ours,a better place, because the world is beautiful thanks to the differences among people,when brought together create something marvellous.I like meeting new people,exchanging ideas and enjoy moments with them through events, talks…etc.I can’t wait to be part of the event organisers:)

Ich freue mich auf das neue Abenteuer!!!

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