Grußwort zur Neueröffnung

Für alle, die die Eröffnung des neuen Iwalewahaus leider verpasst haben  (und, indeed, sie haben etwas verpasst…) Hier sind die guten Wünsche des FK für das Iwalewahaus:



Dear friends from near and far,

dear future friends!

I speak on behalf of the Freundeskreis Iwalewahaus, friends of the art and  artists . People who walk around with a pink tag & will approach you for being part of the team tonight…

I want to talk for one minute about our personal icon for the new Iwalewahaus:

In 2013, when we as an association of dedicated citizens and art enthusiasts found ourselves, the boxes you see in the first room in the beautiful “MASH UP!” exhibition were busy being packed. We witness these boxes move – some of us, who knew the old space, who cherished the art activities and the familiarity of the Münzgasse 9, who had known Ulli Beier personally, witness this with a bit of nostalgia. And then, we saw the boxes being unpacked in the new building – yet to be filled with life. Yet on their journey a few houses down the road, wewe could witness and participate something special, something uniquely ‘Iwalewa’:


You – which is all of the Iwalewahaus-team – you make beauty and art democratic act,  in which everyone is able to help, to take part in , to create with, to dream with.

There is a by now a bit trivialized word of wisdom, reproduced on postcards and posters, which is associated with Afrika and which says:”It takes a village, a town to raise a child”. We agree on that. We also know that it takes a town to build a museum, to make it  work — not from the structural side of things but rather it takes the the love, the acceptance and the respect of all people who live in the museum’s surroundings, papers or not, to make it really work.

We also know – and we know that because we know you and because we share a vision — that a museum, an art space can build and make a town. You busy do that: You make Bayreuth anew. You create a town which is live- and loveable.  So here’s to the city of Bayreuth: Keep these young citizens of the republic of utopia here. Make them stay, create opportunities for them.

They will do their thing, anyways.

So tonight we are very grateful for being able to be part of this journey of Iwalewa. And we give you our word that we will stick together, in good and rough times, and particularly happily so in the best, the shining, sparkling, brilliant times. Like tonight!

We put our working clothes on for you. But tonight we wear our dancing shoes. Let’s celebrate.

Just one more note: In the process of setting up the MASH UP – show, we had to face that the curator Sam Hopkins doesn’t own a flask… Shocking news. For the future – we support you with one. So here’s a present to Sam representing the team.

So here’s to all of us, to Iwalewa, to Schönheit, to beauty and to a bright, bright future which is here, right now.


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