Konferenz: The Iconography of ‘Middle classes’ in the Global South

© Florian Stoll

Mi. 27.05.2015, 18.00 Uhr
(in english)

Part I: Jeffrey Alexander (Yale University, USA)

Middle Class as Iconic Consciousness. A conceptual and visual Approach to ‘Middle Classes’ in Emerging Economies

Jeffrey Alexander uses Iconic Objects and their symbolic meaning as entry points to analyse ‘Middle Classes’ in different countries of the Global South (e.g. India, China, Brazil, Kenya). Material objects symbolize different values which are crucial for the identity of middle classes in every context.

Break: Snacks and Drinks

Part II: “How to be middle class in Nairobi?” A panel discussion about a photo series of Nairobi´s middle classes

Participants: Prof. Dr. Jeffrey Alexander, members of the subproject 3 (Middle Classes on the Rise) and subproject 5 (Iconography of Revolutions) of the Bayreuth Academy of African Studies.

The panelists will discuss photos from a series on middle classes by Nairobi artists Miriam Kyambi and James Muriuki who have been guests of the Bayreuth Academy in April 2015.

An event of the Bayreuth Academy of Advanced African Studies.

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